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  1. Brenda Bolton

    Hi, Just wondering what your hours of operation are through the March Break? We are a family of 4, do you or can you put 4 other people with us to make a group of 8 for the Dodgeball? We are looking for something different to do with the kids for their break. We would be interested in the archery too. We don’t have any experience with crossbows. Do we need lessons to do it, or can we use our time to figure it out? How does it all work?

    • smacdonald

      Hi Brenda, we are open Monday to Saturday by appointment. What days and time were you thinking of doing an activity? We could schedule a game, advertise it and if we don’t have enough for 8 we could do archery lessons instead.

      We do not rent compound bows as every bow is unique to the user. We do provide recurve archery rental and 1.5 hr lessons. If you’ve never done archery before, you will be required to take the lesson package which includes rentals, instruction and free shooting time. If you’d like like to book a time for next week please message or call us directly 519-938-8889 or

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